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The best educational toys for children aged 3-12


From the third or fourth month of birth, the baby has a sense of color, and can enjoy the beautiful world by understanding and perceiving color. Keen sense of color is beneficial to the development of baby's intelligence and interest in painting. Therefore, scientific color enlightenment will play a very important role in children's cognitive color.

Traditional art paints and brushes are not easy to clean. On the walls, floors, sofas and clothes of the home, there are traces of baby's "masterpiece". It's too hard for mother to clean up!

The aqua magic doodle mats produced by SEESLAR Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. doesn't need to prepare any pigment. It only needs to be clean and transparent.

Large painting area to meet the baby to play unlimited imagination and creativity!

Doodle on the mats with the evaporation of the water, the handwriting on the canvas gradually disappears, and the canvas returns to the original blank. At this time, you can continue to create!

Baby and water have always been very close friends. The way of painting on the ground can also make baby feel more relaxed and create interesting works.